About me

My name is Eva – I’m the face behind Moon Hive Healing.

I’m a storytelling Reiki healer who uses sound and tuning fork vibrations to compliment my practice and aid your self healing abilities. I’m inquisitive, compassionate and intuitive and I’m a student of life – always seeking deeper knowledge and understanding.

I’ve been asked how I found Reiki, but to be honest, Reiki found me! I literally woke up one morning knowing that it was something I needed to look into. The calling was strong despite my limited experience, and since my initial attunement in 2018, I’ve continued to study.

I’ve been blown away by the things Reiki has taught me – it’s has not only changed my outlook, but also my way of life, and I can’t wait to share it’s magic with you.

If you feel the calling and want to know more, please contact me for details. I currently offer healings at ID Holistics in Leeds City Centre on an evening, weekend and occasional weekday basis. Contact me for availability.